Migraines & Headaches

Acupuncture is an effective treatment for headaches and migraines and is recommended by NICE (National Institute for Clinical Excellence).


Many people have acupuncture to help with their headaches as it helps to reduce the intensity of pain and frequency of attacks. There are many causes for headaches, but often they manifest from tension held in the body, especially in the neck and shoulders and a combination of points to treat the headache and then local needling in the tight muscle of the neck and shoulders is very helpful and reduces pain. The root cause of the headache is always thoroughly investigated and a specific pattern is diagnosed. During the course of the initial consultation. If stress is a factor, then treatment will address this as wel


Migraine is a very common condition and people suffer from many different types, including migraines which are triggered by hormonal change such as during the menstrual cycle and in the perimenopausal phase. In the clinic it is also common for people to identify certain triggers such as, bright light, certain foods, stress and poor routines in terms of diet, sleep and rest. The rarer type of hemiplegic migraines can be very different in character, with the prevalence of aura manifesting as motor weakness in certain parts of the body.

Although many people suffer with migraines, each individual will present with different symptoms, some people might suffer more with visual disturbances, others might experience more severe pain. Acupuncture is a very effective treatment for migraine as treatment is tailored to each individual.  Different treatment approaches, acupuncture points and needling techniques are selected according to the character of the migraine in each individual, therefore 5 people receiving acupuncture for migraine, might receive quite different treatments.

Migraines and Medication

Whether an individual is taking medication or not, acupuncture can reduce the severity of pain and the frequency of attacks. Often a complex pattern of symptoms develop as an individual becomes more reliant on medication and as attacks become more frequent, more medication is needed. A person will then have additional side effects from the medication and an increasingly complex symptomatic picture starts to develop. As individuals progress through a course of acupuncture treatment, the intensity of pain, length and frequency of attacks is reduced and individuals are then able to reduce their medication which then reduces the occurrence of rebound migraines and leaves them with fewer side effects as medication is reduced.