“I came to Emma struggling to get through my day, permanently cold with daily headaches and an array of other symptoms. Constantly wanting to crawl into a corner and fall asleep, I could easily spend an hour or more in bed with my eyes open. I felt a wreck. After seeing Emma only for a couple of times I slept like a baby, stopped wanting naps in the afternoon and felt that I could face the world in the morning. My headaches are gone now. Seeing her about three times a year enabled me to do a full-time Masters degree in another city, to win funding for undertaking some complicated research and look for a new job. More importantly, I feel I enjoy my day and like my life the way it is now. Thank you Emma.”

Natalia V Parker, June 2017

“Emma is a very caring practitioner. I have severe pain in my knees from osteoarthritis for which I am currently awaiting knee replacement surgery. Emma has worked hard to improve my quality of life. Although acupuncture has not stopped the pain it has reduced the pain caused by the inflammation around the knee area. This enables me to get around much better between treatments. Emma has certainly helped me to be more positive about dealing with pain.”

Brigid O’Regan, October 2016

“Emma has helped me with various health problems over the last 5 years, always with great success. She is professional, but down to earth and friendly too.”

Sarah Groenendijk, September 2016

“In just a short space of time Emma has helped me greatly through acupuncture. Initially I had severe neck and shoulder problems which was affecting me in all aspects of my life, I had tried osteopathy and other treatments but the problem stuck with me for years. I felt immediately better after just my first treatment and after a short period of treatments the problem had pretty much vanished.

Since then I have developed sciatica, so I returned to Emma and she has made a huge difference. I am now able to control the pain a lot more thanks to regular acupuncture. I also feel that acupuncture has helped me with my general health, I am a lot calmer and less anxious after seeing Emma and overall it has been one of the best decisions I ever made, it really has changed my life.

Calm, professional and very quick to put you at your ease, I would highly recommend her.”

Jen Price, July 2016

“I came to see Emma because I was diagnosed with tendonitis in the right arm following an intensive period of work at the computer.After a short course of acupuncture treatment the pain in the arm and tension in the shoulder almost completely cleared up and then with further top up sessions the condition went. I had been feeling really anxious because I was concerned that it wouldn’t improve and would linger for months but thankfully Emma was able to help significantly. I found Emma to be v careful and thorough in her examination of the arm and generally reassuring and professional.”

John Bishop, June 2016

“I highly recommend Emma @ Cardiff Acupuncture Clinic, her wealth of experience and knowledge to help with various issues over the last year is incredible. From hormone imbalance, skin rash, back & hip pain have all been resolved with her care and patience.”

Sharon Davoes, June 2016

“Following 3 differing surgical interventions on my spine and in desperation at having to keep taking high levels of pain medication, I contacted Emma in the hope that she may be able to help. Following a course of treatment in my legs/back, levels of pain, mobility and quality of life dramatically improved and have been maintained.

In summary, I turned to acupuncture in desperation, I now turn to acupuncture with the knowledge and confidence that the treatment can (and does) help me and improvement can be maintained.”

M.Parry, September 2015

“I was diagnosed with a prolapsed disc, with nerve pain, numbness and pins and needles in my legs. I also had some weakness in my left leg. The hospital consultant advised I would need to have an injection or possibly surgery to improve my condition. I had an initial course of 4 weekly acupuncture treatments with Emma. I feel I made the right choice. Emma put me at ease ( I’m not a fan of needles), listened carefully and tailored her approach depending on my feedback. Before I began treatment I could only go shopping for an hour, and not carry any bags otherwise the pain in my back would often make me feel faint and nauseous. After the initial course of treatment I was pleasantly surprised when I’d gone shopping, carried bags and didn’t have any pain. With further treatment I saw steady improvement and have recently taken up mountain biking, something I’d never have thought possible. I now turn to acupuncture as my first port of call, for example, with recent knee pain and also for digestive problems.”

A.Francis, September 2015

“I first had acupuncture treatment from Emma several years ago after a period of tiredness. The GP had run blood tests which were all fine and I was told to ‘perhaps not do so much’! Emma treated me over a few sessions, after which I was restored to full health. Acupuncture can help in different ways and more recently, work on the kidney and liver channels following a virus has resulted in me being restored to my ‘old self’ again. I cant thank Emma enough for her time and care, it is so lovely to be listened to in depth.”

J.Pascoe, October 2015